We know how much Android has evolved. This time, Google has an eye on a feature by Apple for Android security!


The features offered by Apple to its users with iOS are generally liked. Android, who saw this, said “Hop bro, I have the same!” It can also offer the same feature itself. This issue is both the most criticized point and the most admired lifeblood of Android. Our news is again related to this. Apple pays a lot of attention to device security. Google will be jealous that it has entered a new mindset in terms of Android security and development.


Google Bans Apps For Android Security!

Today, any 3rd party application you download to your Android device over the internet has the authority to see which other applications you, the device owner, are using. Moreover, it can not be satisfied with this information and collect some data related to it! The common purpose of these collected data is to sell them and provide information about the user to other application owners and to lay the groundwork for displaying advertisements to the user. For this reason, although this feature has been available on iOS devices for a long time, it is being brought to Android devices. With this upcoming ban, it will be a little more difficult to give private advertisements to users.

We mentioned that this feature will be a disadvantage for application developers, but this will provide great security for device owners. Because 3rd party applications can install trojans on your device and steal your passwords in order to steal your information and even steal the money in your bank accounts. Thus, Google has taken a huge step forward in terms of security. Let’s say that we, as users, are very pleased with this decision. What do you think about the subject?


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