After Timnit Gebru, of Google’s Ethical AI unit, was forced to resign, Margaret Mitchell’s corporate account was locked out by the company, who struggled to expose her to his right.

Google locked down the corporate account of artificial intelligence researcher Margaret Mitchell, who is co-chair of the Ethical AI unit. Mitchell criticized the search giant after the controversial departure of Timnit Gebru, another prominent AI researcher at the company.

Discussions continue on Google
Gebru, co-chair of Google’s Ethical Artificial Intelligence group and the only black woman in the group, said she was forced to resign due to a research article that exposed the risks of AI bias, including systems used in Google’s search. Gebru also emailed a group of Google employees, criticizing the company’s gender, race, and systemic bias issues.

Gebru’s departure caused outrage among Google employees. About 2,700 Google employees signed an open letter in support of Gebru.

Criticizing the company after Timnit Gebru’s dismissal, Margaret Mitchell said it used automated scripts to look up its messages to find examples of discriminatory treatment.

A Google spokesperson said: “Our security systems automatically lock an employee’s corporate account when it detects that the account is compromised due to credential issues, or when an automated rule is triggered that involves processing sensitive data. In this example, yesterday our systems detected that an account stole thousands of files and shared them with multiple external accounts. ” she said.

Mitchell’s efforts to gather information about Gebru’s righteousness were cut short by the lockdown of his account. Mitchell hasn’t been fired yet, but his account has been locked for several days.


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