Google lost the lawsuit filed by the European Union. will no longer be the default browser on Android. Here are the details on the subject.


Google introduced an Android selection screen in 2018 for users to choose their preferred search engine when setting up an Android phone. However, this option did not satisfy other search engines. Now, the tech giant has had to update this screen again to allow it to sign up for other search engines for free.

Google had to push the button for competing search engines

In July 2018, the European Union fined Google $5 billion for imposing its services on Android and violating various anti-trust protections. To comply with regulations, Google introduced a selection screen on Android when users in the EU first set up their smartphones. From this screen, anyone could choose Google or Yahoo, Yandex and other search engines.

However, to appear on the list, search engines had to pay Google and make deals. This was pretty unfair for smaller search engines. Finally, after 3 years, the European Union found Google unfair and decided that this process should be free.

Now, search engines will now be able to apply for free on the selection screen in the Android setup with some eligibility criteria. The founder of Android states that they will include more than 4 search engines on the list and these changes will be available to EU Android users in September 2021.

While this change has been welcomed by many search engine companies, few still criticize Google’s approach to resolution. Gabriel Weinberg, founder of privacy-focused search engine DuckDuckGo, noted that Google still refuses to seamlessly allow changes to the default search engine on Android, providing a choice only on the phone’s setup screen or when reset. Weinberg also pointed out that Google should make these changes available to all Android users, including those outside the EU.


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