The Google Chrome Experiments program, which came in 2009, has offered users quite interesting applications for Android and Chrome since its release. The latest application is one of them.

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Look to Speak, an accessibility application; allows users to look in certain directions and select different pre-written phrases on their phones. The application, which uses the camera of the phone to make eye tracking, converts these movements into certain operations on the interface of the phone.

The application comes loaded with a few well-known sentences and these sentences can be changed and edited according to the person’s wishes. A few adjustments may be required for it to work correctly. In order for the eye movements to be followed correctly, it is necessary to keep the phone slightly below eye level. At the same time, making a small adjustment in tracking sensitivity can also be important for the proper functioning of artificial intelligence. This app, developed by Google, is mainly aimed at people with mobility or speech impairments, and it seems that it will make their lives and daily communication with people a little easier.


Air Gestures technology, previously produced by LG, provided people with a similar function to use devices with certain hand signals. However, the eye tracking system seems to have improved this situation considerably. It is also hoped that the current system could form a basis for more advanced interfaces that could be built in this area in the future.

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The application, which has a detailed downloadable guide and explanation video available by Google regarding its work, is now available for devices running Android 9.0 and Android One.


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