Google has been testing all the features it publishes for its Chrome browser. Chrome Canary users can now conveniently access these tests by enabling the Chrome Labs flag.

Google Chrome Labs is being tested as a new feature in the latest version of Chrome Canary. With the Chrome Labs flag enabled, users will be able to access it from the toolbar menu to view experimental features. The Chrome Labs flag is currently only available via Chrome Canary on Mac, Windows and Linux.

Test Chrome experiments with the Chrome Labs flag
There are multiple ways for users to test experimental Chrome features before the final release, but the latest method offered is the fastest and easiest. In Chrome Canary, Chrome Labs browser experiments are now accessible directly from the toolbar.

To make Chrome Labs accessible from the toolbar, you must first go to chrome: // flags / in Chrome Canary and search for Chrome Labs. It must be activated by clicking on Chrome Labs from the results. After activation, the feature can be accessed by closing and restarting the browser.

Whether Google will offer the Chrome Labs flag to all Chrome users is currently unclear.


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