Google Maps started receiving an update to the real-time location sharing interface. The new change brings features initially implemented in February, on the service’s 15th anniversary, which brought about a design overhaul.

The change now consists of a new floating button and brings more detailed information in a more practical way. To share your location in real time, just tap on your avatar – in the upper right corner – or on the blue location icon, and then on the ‘Share your location’ or ‘Share location’ button.

When doing this, the new version will show the interface with your contacts and applications to share – the feature also allows sharing via link. As Android Police noted, instead of a blue top bar, the interface now shows a white one.

A new floating button called ‘New Share’ allows you to send the location to more contacts more quickly. It is worth remembering that it is possible to adjust the time that the resource will send location data, including indefinitely.

There is still a small link, which shows a pop-up with information about the resource. Google explains that the contact who receives your location will also be able to see your name, photo and location in real time “on Google products”.

The information can determine “where you are, what you are doing (like driving or walking”, device data (battery life or GPS) and saved places. The change is part of version 10.40.2 of Google Maps, available on Google Play, as quoted by Android Police.

More recently, Maps has adopted new security measures to combat the new coronavirus (Sars-Cov-2). In April, the company opened service data that shows the impact of the quarantine.


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