Google Maps can now show details such as pedestrian crossings, stairs, road widths and parking paths in four major cities around the world. Here are the cities where the new feature is available.

A major update has been released for Google Maps covering four major cities around the world. The popular app now offers street-level “super-coverage” details that make it easy for people in a particular city to walk and get to their destination.

The new feature will enable users to see the location of pedestrian crossings, helping them determine the most accurate walking direction. Details on offer include pedestrian crossings, stairs, parkways and more.

Late last summer, it was announced that much more details will be added to the street level in the Google Maps application. We started to see the first signals of this in December. However, not all users can benefit yet.

In which cities can it be used?
The four cities Google offers additional details include London, New York, San Francisco and Tokyo. Google Maps can now accurately show details such as pedestrian crossings, sidewalks, road widths, roads in parks, medians, roadside plants and stairs in these cities.

Providing such fine detail at the street level of Google Maps will be especially beneficial for parents who use strollers and disabled people in wheelchairs. Currently this feature is only available in the cities mentioned above. It is not yet known whether it will be available for other cities.

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