One of the most important blessings of technology that makes our lives easier is navigation. Now that the directions have left their place to the discarded locations, thanks to the street view feature, we have been able to travel from city to country. In this way, we can even go on a world tour from where we sit.



Google engineers take this popular feature a little further. The street view and the chance to see the map together in the Google Maps web version for a while have been available for Android models with an update published.

Thanks to this feature, you will be able to see both the street view and the map at the same time by dividing the screen into two on smartphones with Android operating system. You can proceed in street view at the top or jump straight to another street from the map below.

Of course, your location must support street view. For this, the street or street must be drawn in blue on the map.

It is unknown when this innovation will be released for the iOS world. In addition, Google recently published another feature that makes our lives easier in pedestrian directions. Combining refined reality technologies with the camera of our phone, Google can show us live on which street we are on and which direction we should go.


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