The experimental plugin prepared by Google for those with business-level WordPress plans will allow the Material Design language to be spread to compatible websites.

Material Design, the simpler and more easy-to-see design language of Google, mainly finds its place in Android applications. On the web side, the design language we see on Google’s own sites will become more common.

What does Material Design for WordPress offer?
The plugin offered to WordPress users under the name of Material Design for WordPress is still in the experimental stage and states that it has taken such a step to get feedback on Google compatibility.

In the design plugin that fully fits the WordPress block structure, you can use pre-set styles or styles you have edited yourself. In addition to the design of the entire site, special layouts and forms can be prepared for each page. Many components such as typography, color palette, border shaper, icon styles are included in the plugin.

The only downside to this feature is that it requires an enterprise-level WordPress plan to install plugins. In this respect, it is not accessible to everyone and the number of sites used will be slightly less in this regard.

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