Video conference application administrators will have power over who can enter the application.

Many have sought solutions so that their work does not stop in recent months. COVID-19 has brought about a radical change in the habits of many people and technology has been the perfect help so that many can continue their work or studies well. Google Meet has been one of those recurring apps and now includes new features that give administrators more power over the room.

Right of admission to Google Meet

The apps that will allow you to make group video calls have had their moment of glory these months. Google has been one of those that has benefited from the arrival of Meet, an app where you and your friends, coworkers or students could continue with the work you had. But the app was not completely polished despite the capabilities it had and now has much stronger restrictions for which users.

It turns out that administrators now have more power in videoconferencing rooms, especially those focused on education. The company has said that they will be available by the end of the year and are intended to avoid stoppages on calls, ‘admonish’ those who do not want to go to class and maintain a speaking and listening order.

Just to start, there is a feature that prevents continuous user calls to the administrator to enter the room. On the one hand, the request interface will be less intrusive and the teacher will be able to include more users without being forced to stop. This also includes that only those with a direct invitation can join, which prevents the entry of strangers.

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Regarding assistance, it should be noted that there will be a function that prepares the room even if the host is not there. Also, if a guest is removed from the room, they will not be able to return. It will be like the punishment that you are “thrown out of class for speaking” and cannot be introduced until the next session or when the educator wants. Of course, those who are left out can only request their return up to twice.

On the other hand, in matters of order, the administrators of Google Meet for education will have additional functions. One of them is the ability to silence each and every member and even chat. But of course, the class must be participatory so that users are inside the application and for that there is the function of ‘raise your hand’. Students will ask to speak and their box will light up when they have something to answer or ask about the class.


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