In a blog post, the company announced that it will open the world’s first physical retail store in New York this summer. Access to all products of the company will be available in the Google Store.

Technology giant Google announced that they will open the world’s first physical retail store in one of the world’s largest cities. The Google Store, which will open in the Chelsea district of New York, will host its first customers this summer. The store will be part of the company’s existing campus in the same city.

Measures will be taken for Covid-19 in the Google Store

Google said in a blog post that their main motivation to open the store is to allow customers to try Google products before they buy. In the Google Store, customers will be able to browse and purchase products made by Google, including Pixel phones, Nest products, Fitbit devices, Pixelbooks, and more. In addition, device installation and repair can be carried out in the store.

Drawing attention to the pandemic, Google stated that they will help users feel safe in the store. Wearing a mask will be mandatory in the Google Store and attention will be paid to social distance. The company said the store will be cleaned several times a day and they will limit the number of customers that can be inside. In addition, the customer will be met at the entrance and guidance will be made according to the customer’s needs.

Touching on the importance of time, the company will allow users to easily buy their products from the store by ordering online in advance.


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