According to the law adopted in France in the past weeks, it will pay a total of $ 76 million to 121 French news sources included in Google search results.

Recently, we have witnessed that governments demand labor rights for news links in Google search results. Countries that increase the pressure even more seem to be breaking what they want from Google. At least it is in France.

Will pay for 3 years
In particular, the pressure of Google, which included the search results of the news platforms of the European Union countries, to give the right to labor in return. Although Google threatened to remove news sites from search results, a law enacted in France eventually gave up Google.

According to the law Google; will pay for the results of the news platforms it includes in the search results in the form of passages for 3 years. It is stated that a total of around 76 million dollars will be paid to 121 French news organizations.

For example, 1.3 million dollars will be paid for the Le Monde platform. La Voix de la Haute Marne, a weekly local newspaper, is set at $ 13741 for 3 years. In other words, the income of the newspapers changes according to the number of readings.

In fact, Google was planning to get out of the law by not including news sites as passages, but competition authorities stated that in such a case, the crime of establishing a monopoly would be committed. So Google has no place to run.

According to the new law, Google has created a separate tab called News Showcase, where passages from news sites will be featured. In other words, it will not pay for the links directly in the search results. It is stated that he got rid of a larger amount in this way.

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However, not all countries show the same tolerance. Australia, for example, asks it to pay for links and threatens to ban Google in the country. Microsoft president Brad Smith recently asked the US to draft a similar law.


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