The Google Photos app has been a favorite of users for years, offering unlimited photo and video storage. Google Photos, which is the default gallery application on phones included in the Android One program, continues to have new features with updates.

The update released for the Android version of the application made significant changes in the user interface. The search box at the top of the application and the accompanying settings option have been removed from the application.

Google Photos design has been renewed! Here are the changes
While adding a tab to the bottom, some settings have been moved to the account icon menu at the top right. In other words, you can find many settings that you access from the menu in the search box by clicking on your profile photo in the upper right.

The “Search” tab was added while the “Albums” tab at the bottom was renamed to “Library”. The change in the image at the top can be seen. A screenshot from the old interface on the left and the new interface on the right.

Google recently removed the menu button from the Maps application. In this context, the company is thought to update its design guidelines and implement the same change in other applications.

In addition, the design changes were made on the server side. There is no need to wait or update the application to see these changes in the user interface.


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