Google Pixel 4A, one of the biggest technology companies of today, will launch the smartphone model in white.


While smartphone users around the world are currently waiting for the Android 12 update, Google has released the second beta update of the specified operating system to Pixel phone owners. As always, Android innovations were offered to Pixel users for the first time, but it was also a matter of curiosity when the company will release the update globally. We mentioned that we expect the update to take its place in the market towards the end of this year in the news we have done many times before. As we leave the first quarter of 2021 behind, it remains uncertain when the update will release. The company is currently preparing to release a white variant for the Google Pixel 4A.

The company, which continues to reach millions with more advanced Pixel smartphones every year, also has breakthroughs to draw successful graphics in 2021. The technology giant, which is expected to achieve great success with Android 12, is now making new breakthroughs for the 2020 model smart phone model.

Google Pixel 4A Will Be Released In White Color

As you may remember, Pixel 4A came out with black and blue color options last year. In fact, the device had very good sales. The company is not known because of the success of the smartphone or because it appeals to different tastes, but it is preparing to re-launch the device in white. Last January, the future of a white smartphone was leaked to the internet. With the news coming today, it became clear that this phone is Pixel 4A. We noticed that the details we obtained with the image shared on Google’s official Instagram account were also displayed in a white color. It has not been announced yet when the device will be driven in white.

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