Google Pixel 5 owners are in trouble with the charging issue. Moreover, this problem, which has been mentioned for a long time, has not been solved yet.



Pixel 5, the phone that Google says is no longer in the hardware competition in the smartphone world, unfortunately seems to be frustrating users with the irregularities on the software side. Phone owners are disturbed by the excessive consumption of the battery, especially when they wake up in the morning.

Google is actually aware of the problem and announced that it will release an update to fix it in December. But so far, let alone a few updates that have been following to solve the problem, it has increased the battery consumption every month.


Google Pixel 5 Battery Annoying

According to the users, when they wake up in the morning, there is an excessive consumption of the battery. In fact, the Android Authority site has published an assessment that reveals battery consumption. Pixel5 phone, which is left with 70% charge at night, has a charge level of 52% after seven and a half hours. Although all applications are closed and device activities are minimal, 18% battery consumption is quite high during this period.

According to the information, excessive battery consumption during the night time is not seen in all Pixel5 owners. However, the number of users experiencing the problem is increasing day by day. It is currently unknown with which update Google will produce a solution to this problem. Devices that cause abnormal battery consumption when not used for a long time are annoying users in any case. Again, many users who want to buy this phone do not want to approach the Pixel5 due to the current problem.


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