While the Google Pixel series phones impress users with camera success, they cause confusion on the market. Even though Google Pixel 4a, which has not been on the agenda for months and even leaked, has not been introduced, details about Google Pixel 5 and Pixel 5 XL continue to emerge.

How will the Google Pixel 5 XL design be?

As can be understood from the XL statement, this phone, which is bigger than Pixel 5, will be shorter and thicker compared to the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Although it is stated that plastic material is used in the back cover, this is an unexpected situation. The glass back cover has almost become the standard in high-end phones, which have been released in the last 2-3 years, and plastic has been removed.

Even mid-range phones nowadays come with a fingerprint reader on the screen. However, it is stated that Google will continue to use a physical fingerprint reader on its new phones. According to the latest information shared, the Pixel 5 XL will give Snapdragon 865 and Pixel 5 Snapdragon 765 power.


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