Google Pixel 6 News: The Pixel series, which has been coming up with different variants for years, has come to the fore frequently with its new member, Google Pixel 6.


News came from Google, which introduced the Android 12 operating system on Pixel phones. The company, which will soon introduce a new smartphone series, is making new developments. Delighting millions with Android 12 features, the company will have released the operating system by the end of the year. The new operating system Pixel phones will also have some privileges. For example, applications will be automatically translated into the phone language. As we move towards completing the first half of 2021, a new detail has emerged about the company’s new phone series, Google Pixel 6.

We already predicted that the new phone series will have different color variants. Today, phones are launched in different color options. Users continue to choose phones with color options that appeal to their souls. Google’s new phone will appear with Panda appearance.

Google Pixel 6 Will Be Launched With Panda Color

The phone series has been introduced by adopting the white color option until today. The company has decided to make a serious change in this area. According to the information we have obtained from foreign sources, the new phone will come in Panda, that is, black and white. The power button, located on the side keys of the device, will also appear in an orange color. While the phone is expected to have a combination of white and orange, the screen side and the camera area on the back are expected to be black. We will continue to include news as details become available.


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