Google made its decision for the silicon processors it works on. Google Pixel 6 will come with the company’s own processor, a silicon processor!


In the production of silicon processors codenamed GS101 known as Whitechapel, Google and Samsung were involved in some kind of partnership. Although the processors produced as a result of this partnership were different in software, they were very similar to Samsung Exynos processors in terms of structure and design. Google decided to use these processors in the production of Pixel 6. Let’s examine the details of the news!


Google Pixel 6 Comes With Whitechapel Silicone Processor!

According to the latest and up-to-date information we have, the new Pixel 6 devices, code named “Raven” and “Oriole”, will contain a silicon Whitechapel processor, which is the company’s own production. These devices, which will contain this silicon processor called Whitechapel, will meet on a platform called “Slider” with Chromebooks that will use the same processor in the future.

The models, which will be the 6th device of the series, are planned to be released in the first 2 quarters of this year at the latest. Moreover, the models that will be in addition to the series will be more affordable in terms of price. If you need to remember, Google would try a system that it calls “under-screen camera” on this new model, at least that was our sensation. Unlike other Google Pixel models, this device will continue to receive updates for 5 years, not 3 years. Google is trying to prepare an environment that can compete with the iPhone 13 for the 6th device of the series. We hope that with innovations in both hardware and software, they will be able to satisfy the users.


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