Google, which first released Android updates on its own smartphones, is not liked by its competitors with this feature, but it is also praised by its users. The flagship series, Google Pixel, makes a loud voice in the world with different models every year. The successful series, which makes people laugh with its sales figures, has been known with its 6th phone since last year. As you may remember, the Google Pixel 6 has been on the agenda many times over the past year with claims that it will have a sub-screen camera.



We would like to get back to our news by reminding you of a few important news that came out last year. Who remembers and who does not, but let’s talk about the news. The new flagship, which came to the fore with the leaked images last year, most likely will not carry its front camera on its screen. The camera, estimated to be hidden under the screen, will host a new generation sensor that can take high quality photos. Some parts of the news that appeared towards the end of last year were exactly like that. The phone, which is stated to compete with the iPhone 13 series, will have the same camera module on the back, just like the Pixel 5.

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Google Pixel 6 Will Get 5 Years Software Support

Let’s get to this year. The new model, which I expect to be the best phone of the Pixel series, will continue to receive regular software support for at least 5 years after its release. As it is known, Pixel phones on the market have been receiving regular updates for 3 years. Google offers an Apple-like efficiency with this feature. The new flagship, which will receive fast updates, will support the most up-to-date version of Android. The device, which will resemble Samsung phones with its updates, will appear with the Snapdragon 888 processor. So it will promise a very high performance.

Unlike other models, the new phone is expected to come out with larger screen features. Offering 120Hz to users with Pixel 5, Google will surpass this performance with Pixel 6. Pixel 5, the most mediocre phone in the series last year, came out with a very simple design. The new model will appear with an even more pleasant appearance with its design and flexible cameras.

The Google Pixel 6, which is expected to have faster, more stylish and wider features compared to other series, is expected to come across cameras this year.


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