Some evidence has been found confirming the existence of Google’s foldable phone in the beta of Android 12.

Google introduced the Android 12 operating system on May 18. Switching to Material You interface design with the new Android version, Google announced that it will also offer many new features to users. While the new Android update has been wondered by many users, some data on Google’s new generation smartphones have recently been reached in Android 12 beta codes. At the same time, the Google Pixel Fold model, which is claimed to have been developed since 2018, came back to the agenda with these codes.

In addition to Google’s foldable phone, which came out with the code name “Passport” in the Android 12 Beta, we see that the company also works on Pixel 5a 5G and Pixel 6 models. These models are listed as follows:

G4S1M (Pixel 5a 5G) “Barbet”

GR1YH (Pixel 6 series) “Oriole”

GF5KQ (Pixel 6 series) “Raven”

GPQ72 (Pixel Fold) “Passport”

For now, it is not known when Google’s foldable phone will be released. But Jon Prosser, one of the industry’s trusted sources, claimed that Google is working on a foldable phone. In fact, in another report published, it was revealed that Samsung Display is working with Oppo, Xiaomi and Google on the foldable screen.

Considering the data discovered in the beta version of Android 12, we anticipate that Google will launch its foldable phone in the next few years.


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