It adds heart rate and respiratory rate monitors to the Fit app on Google Pixel phones.Google continues to add new features to Pixel smartphones.

The company, which previously offered many new features to users, now adds the heart rate and respiratory rate measurement feature to the Google Fit application on Pixel phones.

Google, which has added the heart rate and respiratory rate measurement feature to Pixel phones with the latest update, also plans to release this feature for other Android phones.

Sharing some details about how these features work with users, Google says that users who want to measure the heart rate should press their fingers on the rear camera after opening the application. In this part, the pulse rate is determined by looking at the color change in the blood at the fingertip.

Users who want to measure their respiratory rate need to hold the front camera of their phones to take the chest and head and breathe normally.

Pixel users can access this feature for now, but Google is expected to add these features to other Android phones as soon as possible.


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