Google Pixel series, which is one of the popular products of the smartphone market, has succeeded to mark 2020 as well. Pixel family, which does not disappoint expectations with high sales rates, also struggles with various problems every year. Some problems, especially with phones, are resolved with the updates published. Of course, the updates sometimes bring up various problems with it.



As it is known, a dizzying update came to phones last December. With this update, while users expect a better performance experience, the opposite happened and the efficiency of the phones decreased. Being aware of this, Google released a new update before long and users also took a sigh of relief.

While the February 2021 update was offered to users, it was informed that this update eliminated the problems of Google Pixel phones running Android 11. The February 2021 update, developed specifically for phones running Android 11, has been overhauled over and over again to provide users with the best experience.

The famous company, which gives good news to its users with the notification, proposes to install the update as soon as possible. Users can check for the new update from Settings> System Update tabs.

With the incoming update, the 5th phone of the series achieves better coverage and faster network technology.


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