Technology giant Google has announced that they will stop showing ads based on users’ browser history in order to avoid increasing privacy concerns with a blog post.

Google announced plans to stop displaying ads based on users’ search history in an upcoming revision aimed at increasing privacy with a blog post. With a major update, the company will now stop showing ads based on the pages users visit.

‘Only valid for websites’
Google announced earlier last year that it would remove third-party cookies in 2022. In its latest statement, the company has confirmed that it will not create or use any substitute technology for its ad buying tools. Instead, Google is testing a way for businesses to target ads to consumer groups with similar interests. He says this will protect privacy because it hides individual users in a crowd.

“If digital advertising does not evolve to address people’s growing concerns about their privacy and how their personal identity is used, we risk the future of the free and open web,” Google product manager David Temkin said in a blog post.

The company said its latest announcement only applies to websites, not advertising tools or unique identifiers for mobile apps.


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