Today, Google offered many new features to its old users with the update support it gave before Android 12. You’re great Google …


One of the most important problems in the smartphone market is updating. Whether you use Android or iOS, updating has become a huge problem in both ecosystems today. Android users complain about not being able to get updates quickly, while iOS users are unsure whether to install “fast” updates. The biggest reason for this is that Apple deliberately and willingly slows down phones. While the update issue has become a chronic condition in the mobile market, Google introduced new new features before the Android 12 update.


What’s New Before Google Android 12

Let’s start with the most general of these features. The SMS sending feature, which has been tested for a while, is offered to us with the new update package. You write an SMS and when you long press the send button, you can choose when the SMS should go. This update is coming to all phones after Android 7.0 Nougat.

Another update is available for Android 9.0 and later users. With this update, called the Password Check feature, the strength of your password is constantly checked. Every time you enter your password with system autocomplete, the system checks if the password has been compromised and for database leaks. In case of any danger, information is sent from the user about changing a more complex and secure password. A more advanced feature than this was previously offered by Turkcell Secure Internet service.

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Another innovation is about visually impaired users. We are really happy about the improvement in this regard. We know that visually impaired users use the TalkBack feature to read information on the screen. With the new update, TalkBack offers more intuitive gestures, a unified menu, a new reading control menu, and more.

We do not know if you are using Google Assistant, but an update is offered to us here. This assistant, which we used only to set alarms, will now work on screen lock. Do you think this would be a problem? It certainly will, if you ask us. If he can analyze his owner’s voice, it wouldn’t be a problem, but if he can’t; which our Google Assistant cannot. That’s when this can get ridiculous.

Another update is the Google Maps Dark Mode feature, which has been tested for a long time and came to the final version. It was also announced that this feature will come to the entire Android ecosystem. There is Dark Mode feature on the top of our site. Don’t let your beautiful eyes get tired …


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