Presearch aims to end Google’s search monopoly while ensuring privacy and rewarding users with crypto.


Search engine

Blockchain-based startup Presearch has released a decentralized search engine to help provide a more specialized alternative to Google. Like the privacy-oriented web browser Brave, it rewards its users with the native crypto token PRE.

The Ethereum-based project uses calls powered by independent nodes to help protect the identity of people querying for data. It also puts an obstacle to Google’s monopolistic power to organize and rank results.

Data will be protected

The rollout of the new search engine will take place in the next two weeks as we move from a third party tool to a completely decentralized search engine. While the first nodes are operated by the Presearch team, the beta test of the independent nodes will be completed and implemented. The new system will help protect personally identifiable information such as user IP addresses, device information, browsers and location data.

Presearch says it has reached over 1.7 million registered users with nearly 300,000 assets. More than 100 operators provide feedback during beta testing of user nodes.


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