According to leaked images, Google will launch its own debit card.

Like many other options in the segment, Google would provide full control through its own application, which can serve as a digital account. As the images reveal, the account holder Google would have the entire ecosystem of the company to monitor its own consumption, in addition to the well-known payment functions by proximity, virtual card for online purchases and account blocking via app.

To launch the service, Google must comply with US laws. Therefore, it must join conventional financial institutions – and an old statement indicates that Citi and Stanford Federal Credit Union are the most highly rated for the partnership.

“We are exploring how we can team up with banks and credit institutions in the U.S. to offer smarter account tracking through Google Pay. Today, Citi and Stanford Federal Credit Union are our biggest partners and we look forward to providing more details in the coming months. “a company spokesman told the Wall Street Journal in November 2019.

A common checking account, but with Google
According to the leak, Google’s system would meet the most common needs of account holders. The system could be used in physical stores, withdrawals, bank transfers and online purchases with the original card data or a virtual card generated by the app. Speaking of which, apparently the entire Google ecosystem will strengthen the customer’s consumption record. In one of the screenshots, you can see the location of the purchase with address, name and direct contact phones from Google Maps.

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Apparently, the card would be a reinforcement to the current Google Pay, which will probably be the account manager app. Once hired, the application would receive a security boost, guaranteeing access only via PIN or biometrics.

So far, the card has a minimalist look and information arranged vertically. At one end, the Visa or MasterCard chip would be. Then, the customer’s name, accompanied by the visual identity of the service and, finally, the logo of the partner bank. But keep in mind that it may not be exactly as shown, as it is just a leak.

A full plate for Google
Even if information is scarce, Google Card is likely to be a free service. In addition to the money being spent by the company, the giant would take advantage of all the data generated by purchases, resulting in a rich catalog of information on consumption habits.

Still, we cannot say that Google will invade the customer’s own privacy. It is therefore necessary to carefully read the terms of use of the service when it is launched.


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