Google wants to close Stadia game development studios and focus on the future of the platform.Google announced that the Stadia Games & Entertainment division, responsible for developing platform-specific games, will be shut down.

The Google Stadia game development studios consisted of one located in Montréal, and the other in California, which included the team of Journey to the Savage Planet developer Typhoon Studios.

It is also among the information that the news of the closure started to spread last week and Google canceled projects that were not recently released. The shutdown means that 150 employees in the two studios will have to find new jobs, and Google will try to direct them to new roles within the company. Additionally, Jade Raymond, who directs the episode after working on TV shows like Assassin’s Creed, is leaving Google.

Stadia Vice President and Managing Director Phil Harrison shed light on Google’s plans with a blog post. The company seems to want to focus on developing the platform, but the situation seems to go beyond just offering games to be played on Stadia and competing in the console market.

The statement suggests that developers do not need to distribute a game as a platform through Stadia, but instead use platform technology to enable games to be played in other ways instantly. A few months ago, it was predicted that companies like Google and Amazon would be able to offer their infrastructure as the backbone for other platforms rather than directly entering the market. The announcement confirms this.

Google says it plans to continue bringing new third-party games to Stadia, but it will be more difficult to attract players to the platform without exclusive content.


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