Google signed a copyright agreement with the French press association after long talks.As you know, Google started not to show the content of French broadcasters that demanded copyright from them.

While this situation had great repercussions in France, Google signed an agreement with a French press association to pay royalties for news sites.

Signing an agreement that we can call exemplary in France, Google will now start paying royalties to French news sites in line with this agreement.

If you remember, copyright regulation for European Union countries came into force in 2019. In this regulation, it was stipulated that sites such as Google had to obtain a license by paying copyright to publishers in order to display news in search results. However, in April 2020, the French Competition Authority stated that Google had to pay copyright to French publishing organizations in order to use the content.

The ongoing negotiations in this direction were concluded today. As a result of the negotiations, it was announced that Google would pay a royalty fee to publish the content of French news sites.

Many experts, based on the precedent agreement made with the French press association representing Google’s 300 news sites, also claimed that Google is working on a copyright model that can be valid all over the world.

For now, it is unknown whether Google will reach such a copyright agreement in our country. However, it is rumored that Google may pay royalties to Turkish media outlets after the necessary legislations are prepared and passed.


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