In the news we have made in the past days, we mentioned that Apple is almost fighting Facebook with the new iOS 14.5 update. With this decision, Apple made it difficult for Facebook to follow iOS users, Facebook could not display ads because it could not follow iOS users and had a serious decrease in revenue. Nowadays, while Facebook privacy cases are still ongoing, another name that declared war against Facebook was Google. Google is preparing to make serious changes to the Android operating system for Facebook.



Facebook continues to suffer blow after blow. After Apple, Google is preparing to protect its users by taking serious steps against Facebook. Google, which takes various steps to protect the privacy of its users against Facebook, will make the biggest change on the Android operating system.

Google is currently preparing to implement the “Privacy Protected Area” for the Android operating system. With this change, the Facebook infrastructure will not be able to track Android users, receive information and show appropriate advertisements, just like iOS users. In addition, with this precaution taken in advertisers, they will not be able to access individual user identities.

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Facebook lawsuits, which have been going on for years, are the biggest indicators of violations of privacy rules. Tech giants such as Apple and Google continue to take various steps to protect millions of users. While famous companies that make more consistent decisions continue to increase gradually, it is not known what Facebook will do in the face of this situation. A reproach-style statement may come soon on the social media platform.


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