As you know, Google has included a single camera setup in the Pixel family until recently. Google, which has covered this deficiency with software, gained a lot of appreciation with the mod it developed especially for those interested in astrophotography. Having started dual camera setup with Pixel 4, Google offered the opportunity to use this mode in wide-angle lens. However, this feature has been taken away from Pixel owners today.



With the astrophotography mode, Pixel users could take long-exposure photos of a starry night sky. This feature could be used in both the main camera and the ultra wide angle camera. However, it is no longer possible to use this mode with a wide-angle lens as of the Pixel 4 and later.


With the Google Camera 8.1 update, Google removed this feature from the ultra-wide angle lens. However, the sky can still be taken with the main lens. Probably Google removed this feature so that the ultra-wide angle lens affects performance and does not get a bad name.

But mod makers will soon make a mod for an ultra wide angle lens. Although this mode works stably, it is discussed.

Unfortunately, Google’s phone policy in recent years has been reduced to the middle segment. Pixel family, which is doing business in the flagship segment due to its high price, will now continue its way in the middle segment. We hope that the internet and technology giant will continue to invest in the camera in this process.

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