Technology giant Google said that if Australia enacted plans to pay for news content, the search engine could lose its functionality across the country.

The Australian government is drawing up a law last year that forces tech companies to pay local publishers for content that appears on Search and News. If the new law is passed, Google said it would have to pull Search from Australia.

Will Google Search be pulled from Australia?
Australia’s proposed “News Media Bargain Code” will allow Google to pay local publishers between $ 465 million and $ 775 million a year when Google Search results include links to news sites and reusable source codes.

At a public hearing today, Mel Silva, Managing Director of Google for Australia and New Zealand, told senators that the search engine would not be able to operate in the country under the recommended conditions.

Silva: “Combined with the unmanageable financial and operational risk, if this version of the Code goes into law, it leaves us no real choice but to stop making Google Search available in Australia.” said.

Google’s threat to restrict its services in Australia came just hours after the internet giant signed a content payment agreement with some French news publishers as part of a three-year $ 1.3 billion initiative to support publishers.


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