Google Translate app, one of the best ways to quickly exchange information between two languages ​​for years, has exceeded 1 billion downloads in the Play Store.

The Google Translation application, which was added to the Play Store in January 2010, reached 1 billion downloads after more than 10 years. With its ever-increasing popularity, the application has become one of the 1 billion downloaded applications reached by approximately 60 applications.

Google Translate has now exceeded 1 billion downloads
Translation applications have become very important, especially today. Translation applications stand out as one of the easiest solutions to understand unfamiliar words that you may come across during a visit to a different country or in a text you will read from a foreign source. In this regard, Google Translate is at the top of the list, proving this by exceeding 1 billion downloads.

The application has 108 language options that you can translate between two languages ​​online. The number of languages ​​that you can translate without an internet connection provided that the language packs have been downloaded in the application beforehand is 59. The translation of the text where you point your camera is supported in 94 languages.

For future use, it can add translated words and phrases to the Dictionary of Phrases and synchronize them between the application and the desktop computer. Google Translate app processes more than 100 billion words a day.



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