Foreign language is one of the biggest problems in the world. People spend their years and learn a language. Even if he learns this language, he can never speak like the accent of those who speak that language. However, technology is preparing to turn this situation in human favor. Google Lens was introduced during the Google Developers Conference in 2017. This application combined with Google Translate to translate a text in a foreign language into your language. Internet was needed for this. Today Google Translate received the update and came with the expected feature.



Google has now offered an interface that will not need the internet for this translation job. With the update, we will now be able to use this service when translating via Google Lens, even if there is no internet. This was a long awaited innovation, and it is finally available to users.

This service was mostly used by people going abroad, and the internet can be a big problem abroad (those who go abroad will know). That’s why we think this update is important for many people. From now on, we expect the instant translation system to integrate with Google. So the phone will stand in the middle. You will wear your headset and simultaneously the phone will translate the conversation into your language while the other person is speaking in a foreign language.

Does this seem like a dream to you? The future is closer than you think …


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