Google recently announced the unification of all the company’s communication app development teams into one large team. With the change, services like Duo, Meet and even the Android Phone and Messaging apps will be run by the same management.

According to a statement sent to The Verge, the move will put Javier Soltero, current vice president of the G Suite division, to lead the new team that will take care of the development of communication apps. The executive will share the team’s command with Hiroshi Lockheimer, who heads the technology giant’s Platforms and Ecosystems sector.

Soltero’s new commitment will not remove the executive from his current role, where he is helping the company gain ground with Google Meet during the pandemic. Hired by the Mountain View giant in October last year, the developer is known for creating the Acompli email app, which was integrated into Microsoft Outlook after a 2014 acquisition.

Differentiating platforms
According to the company, the unified team should not make major changes early on or integrate communications applications. Speaking to The Verge, Lockheimer explained that the goal now is to create a “more coherent” vision for Google’s communications apps.

The executive said that the large number of communication apps from Google “is not necessarily bad”, but the company needs to clarify the purposes of each platform. In addition, Lockheimer also admitted that the firm mistook the public for the positioning of some of its services. An example of this is Hangouts, which used to be a messaging app and has become a 100% corporate platform.


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