Google’s “lightweight” search app, Google Go, which has been around for nearly four years, has reached an important milestone. The application surpassed 500 million downloads.

Google released an application called Google Search Lite in 2017. The search giant later changed the name of the app to Google Go, like all other “Lite” versions. The app, which has been in existence for four years on Google Play, has exceeded the 500 million download threshold.

Google Go comes preinstalled on smartphones running Android Go Edition. Note that the application can also be installed on all Android-based devices. However, since most Android phones come with the regular Google application, some of the users are not aware of the Google Go application.

It has many advantages
The company says the app is perfect for low-cost smartphone owners and those living in areas with slow internet connections. Despite offering almost all the features of the regular Google app, Google Go is only 7MB in size.

The app offers a faster search experience by optimizing search results for up to 40% data savings. In other words, mobile internet consumption is very low. You can use the link below to download Google Go to your device.

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