Before the news of the death of musician Tony Allen, the virtual group Gorillaz has released a new song.

This is “How Far?”, A collaboration made with drummer Afrobeat and British rapper Skepta.

Allen, of Nigerian origin, died on April 30, his death being confirmed by his representative on May 1.

The musician was a friend and constant collaborator of Damon Albarn, vocalist and founding member of Gorillaz. They collaborated together in groups such as “Rocket Juice & The Moon” and “The Good, The Bad & The Queen”.

“How Far?” It was the most recent collaboration between Allen and the band, which was composed and recorded in London before the quarantine period entered.

Allen stood out in his career as a drummer and composer after learning to play the drums self-taught at 18 years of age and by joining the band “Africa 70”, combining jazz and highlife.


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