The Digital Dreams team has shared a video where they show this recreation of the Rockstar title with a great visual and graphic improvement.

The graphic mods allow video games with years behind them to look better than ever. Digital Dreams have now released a video showing how Grand Theft Auto IV looks using the improved GTA V engine for PC; an amazing recreation endowed by the latest version of Awesomekills Graphics, 4K resolution and raytracing, among other modifications to make the Rockstar game look like a new generation title.

Twelve years after that GTA IV Liberty City with Niko Bellic, Pascal Gilcher’s team has implemented the most optimized version of RayTraced Global Illumination in ReShade and the latest version of the aforementioned mod to make the most photorealistic version of the title. As we see in the video, the results speak for themselves.

Digital Dreams wanted to make the game map a technical skill endowed with great delicacy when it comes to presenting lighting effects, color intensity and performance, because this mod offers many options: “The game offers players a wide range of personalization options for PC; including more than 25 configurable options for the quality of the textures, shaders, tessellation, antialiasing and more ”. It also allows you to play with a remote, keyboard and mouse or with three-dimensional monitors.

Just a few months ago we saw the great progress of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City remastered, Vice Cry: Remastered, a mod from the original PC title that takes advantage of the latest graphics engines by applying all kinds of data packages , shaders and other settings.

Grand Theft Auto IV, released in 2008 for Xbox 360 and PS3, later came to PC. Since last March, the so-called The Complete Edition is available both on Steam and in the proprietary launcher of Rockstar Games. You can check all the details here.


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