The presence of grasshopper herds in a region bordering the capital New Delhi in India caused panic in the city.

According to the report in Times of India newspaper, grasshopper herds were seen in the Gurugram within the borders of the National Capital Territory of Delhi, which includes the capital and its surrounding regions.

The media reflected the images of tens of thousands of grasshoppers flying over the buildings.

The locality of grasshoppers herds in the border area of ​​New Delhi caused panic among the people of the capital.

The Minister of Environment, Development, Employment and Employment in the Delhi government, Gopal Rai also asked the areas in the west and south of the city to remain at a high alert level against potential grasshopper infestation.

Authorities asked Gurugram residents to keep their house’s doors and windows closed, making noise to remove grasshoppers.

Located in one square kilometer, 40-80 million grasshoppers can travel 150 kilometers every day and consume enough food for 35 thousand people in just one day.


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