Grayscale bought almost $ 2 billion more of Bitcoin and other crypto in just one day. Grayscale, the world’s largest crypto management fund, has increased its crypto assets by almost $ 2 billion in just one day (as of January 6).


Meanwhile, Bitcoin’s market capitalization has reached an all-time high of $ 700 billion, according to Anthony Pompliano’s tweet.


Grayscale currently has $ 25.2 billion in crypto assets

The Grayscale Investments fund, led by Barry Silbert, announced on its Twitter page that the total amount of crypto AUM it holds is equal to $ 25.2 billion.

The announcement was made on January 6th.

This means a $ 1.9 billion increase from the day before when the company held $ 23.3 billion of crypto on January 5.


Bitcoin enemy on stage again

Big Bitcoin foe and gold investor Peter Schiff was on the stage again.

On January 6, the Squawk Box program on CNBC brought Kevin Warsh, a former Federal Reserve chairman, as a guest and asked him to comment on the current Bitcoin rally.

Warsh responded positively by saying that Bitcoin’s rapid growth made sense in the current environment with the USD weakening.

Peter Schiff tweeted that the CNBC host was spending his guests’ time “pumping their favorite assets and pacifying their biggest advertisers”.

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Bitcoin market cap exceeded $ 700 billion

Earlier today, Anthony Pompliano posted on Twitter to announce that Bitcoin has reached another all-time high.

Pomp tweeted that BTC is worth $ 700 billion. However, at the time of writing, this metric value is at the level of 690 billion dollars.

By market capitalization, it surpasses Alibaba, Samsung, Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway, Visa, Mastercard and JP Morgan Chase.

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