Grayscale’s current customers are still hungry for Bitcoin, and the company received an additional 12,000 BTC despite suspending crypto trust entries.┬áJan Uytenhout, co-founder of Capriole Investments, shared data that Grayscale’s current customers are still dying to buy more Bitcoins.


This move is happening despite the company temporarily suspending accepting funds to Bitcoin Trust and a few other top crypto-based Trusts such as ETH, LTC and BCH.

Grayscale adds another 12,000 BTC

On December 21, major media reported that the “biggest Bitcoin buyer”, as Peter Schiff recently mentioned, suspended cash inflows from investors to the major crypto Trust fund.

These include Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and a few other cryptocurrencies. Despite this, the company’s customers still seem eager to invest their money in Bitcoin.

Jan Uytenhout, co-founder of Capriole Investments, posted on Twitter to share that the company has acquired another huge amount of Bitcoin: 12,000 BTC.

12,000 BTC worth $ 282,416,400 at current exchange rate.

Barry Silbert’s Grayscale had a total of $ 15.9 billion in crypto as of December 22. Now, an additional $ 282,416,400 can be added to this amount with Trust.

Bitcoin price improves

That same day, on December 21, the leading cryptocurrency experienced a sudden reversal, dropping from the $ 23,800 area, losing nearly $ 2,000 to below $ 22,000.

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However, Bitcoin recovered quickly, and at the time of writing, the figure stands at $ 23,579, according to CoinMarketCap data.


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