Apple, which introduces dozens of different products globally every year and opens them to sales, continues to closely follow the latest technological developments. The famous company, which has recently turned the smart watch market upside down, has also rolled up its sleeves to offer brand new features to its users. A striking and highly functional detail has emerged for Apple Watch.



Apple has created a boom in the agenda with a new detail for its smart watches. The technology company, which continues to work on various innovations, is working on a new striking detail for its smart watches. More precisely, he is working on a great innovation.

Novelty For Apple Watch

According to Apple’s latest patents, the screen and case of Apple Watch smart watches can be used as an antenna. This innovation will apply to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and other features. With the help of the antenna, the specified features will be more functional. In addition, the antenna innovation will combine the functionality in these applications.

Determined to bring the progressive array antenna use to its smart watches, Apple prefers to use parts used in its smart watches instead of separate large antennas. The company will allow users to access features more functionally by creating an antenna current for components such as the screen, touch panel or case.

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Smart watches with antennas will continue to play an important role in our lives in the upcoming period.


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