Samsung can bring the wireless charging feature that we are used to seeing on flagship phones with Samsung mid-segment phones. According to the latest rumors, the company is preparing to focus even more on affordable phones.

The success of the Galaxy A series this year surpassed the flagship phones with its sales figure. In line with the demands of technology lovers, the interest in affordable phones grows like an avalanche. Therefore, producers are concentrating more on the middle segment.

Samsung gave the good news for mid-segment phones

Companies meeting the industrial needs of the technology manufacturer spoke to the website Elec. According to the aforementioned claims, Samsung will bring wireless charging support to Galaxy A series devices at the end of this year. The fact that the affordable Galaxy A51 outperformed the flagship S20 in sales figures clearly shows the direction of the demand.

Apple’s introduction of wireless charging to mid-segment devices was seen as an advantage in the phone market. Samsung is working to bring the same move to affordable phones. According to the sources, it was understood by three companies for the coils that would give this feature to the phones, which supplied the coils purchased for the Galaxy S20.

Although Samsung has been successfully developing the feature that eliminates the hassle of cable, it may be necessary to waive some technical features to cut costs when it comes to affordable phones. Let’s see how we will see a change in Samsung mid-segment devices in the future.


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