Microsoft has succeeded in making a great revolution in recording phone calls with the application it has published.


Microsoft has released a new app for iOS users called Group Transcribe, which can provide real-time, high-quality transcription and translation during group calls. Thanks to Group Transcribe, it will take a huge leap forward in recording phone calls.


Recording phone calls feature came with Microsoft

The application allows a user to create a group session where they can invite other participants. When everyone joins, attendees can hold the meeting without worrying about notes or pressing to speak.

The app will provide high quality, real-time transcription and translation in the participant’s preferred language during the meeting, and these transcripts are stored in the app after the meeting is completed.

Participants can then browse and search these transcripts and also have the option to share them with others.

Microsoft is very confident in its voice recognition accuracy, which comes from its many years of experience in this field. Let us state that the application also has Turkish language support. Microsoft Group Transcribe can be used by iOS users worldwide. You can download the application from here and start using it.

It is a very nice move for Microsoft to translate the conversations into text. Of course, for the sake of confidentiality, let us also state that an information message is sent to all participants during this process. In other words, you cannot record and transcribe anyone’s phone call without permission.

A similar feature came from the Google front. However, for now, thanks to this feature, which is only unique to Pixel models, the audio notes taken are automatically translated into written text.

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