Pearl Jam, the veteran band of the rock world, who released the new album Gigaton after a long time in March and then continued to advertise the album in different ways, is joining forces with climate baby Greta Thunberg this time.

The group, which took a video from the album to their songs called Retrograde, entrusted the lead of this video to Thunberg. The video, prepared as an animation, tells the story of a man who saw the end of the world step by step from a small fortune teller. We watch Greta Thunberg in the role of fortune teller who says that the end of the world has come in the video where we also see the group members as figures trapped in the tarot cards.

You can watch the new video of Pearl Jam, which is one of the groups that always have a say about the problems of the world and environmentalism, from below.


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