A patent obtained by Rockstar Games shows that GTA 6 NPCs will work in a much more realistic structure.

Rockstar Games, a major game company affiliated with Take-Two Interactive, has received a new patent. This patent reveals the possibility that GTA 6 NPCs may have much more realistic and personal characteristics compared to other Rockstar productions.

This patent, which started to spread after it was first shared on Reddit, contains information about a system that helps design NPC characters to have more believable and realistic human profiles that will roam in any game world. There are two different cases that prove that this patent is related to GTA 6: One of them is that this patent is obviously not belonging to another game by Rockstar Games. For example, when you compare this with the patents issued before RDR2 came out, it explains very different issues in terms of structure. Second, it is clear that the patent is not related to the game owned by another company of Take – Two. Because the names mentioned in the application as the developer of this system are David Hynd (Deputy Technology Director at Rockstar) and Simon Parr (Artificial Intelligence Programmer at Rockstar).

In summary with the patent that Rockstar Games has received; He states that it makes more sense to move away from artificial intelligence units with missing features to create a realistic virtual world without subjecting NPCs to hardware or software limitations. In this way, Rockstar aims to give NPCs certain personalities to decide how to react to actions in the game. For example, some characters in the game may be a slow driver, while others can drive much faster. Or, when you interact with NPCs, the reaction you get may be different in all of them. In this way, giving NPCs personality will bring the feeling of the game in GTA 6 to a completely different point.

Finally, let’s point out that we do not have an official announcement to say that the information in this patent is strictly about GTA 6.


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