GTA Online is rapidly increasing the number of players with the GTA 5 being free. With the new players flocking to the online mode, the increase of cheating users and hackers was inevitable.

GTA 5’s free delivery at the Epic Games Store has had a huge impact. Despite the fact that the game has been on consoles and PC since 2013, the demand for the campaign was intense enough to crash the Epic Games Store client. Consequently, the online mode of GTA 5, the number of players of GTA Online has also increased significantly.

Although GTA Online offers players a constantly updated experience, it has not been able to prevent cheating especially in recent years. Even with the increase in the number of players after GTA 5 was free, the problem of cheating became even more insurmountable.

GTA 5 being free didn’t work for GTA Online
When GTA 5 is free, PC gamers were concerned that GTA Online would be attacked by hackers and mod developers. It was expected, and it was once again seen that there are no limits to strange modes and tricks in GTA Online. Reports have begun to come up that tricks create hundreds of planes online, crash servers, and trap players into cage traps.

Hackers went so far that they eventually created Voltran in GTA Online. As you can see below, even a huge robot that has been created by combining dozens of tanks, planes and helicopters has appeared in the game. “I think nobody cares about banning anymore,” the user who shared the screenshot on Reddit said. He made a reproach.

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Kotaku’s report reports that “some mod developers and hackers are able to disturb players connected to Rockstar’s servers even when playing GTA 5 single player. There is no harm in modifying games to make the experience more fun. Given, the incident turns into a crime, rather than annoying.

Rockstar is making a great effort to take control of cheating issues in GTA Online, but the influx of players in such a short time makes things even more difficult. The developer is expected to take the necessary measures to keep the community of players healthy.


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