A mod developer was able to reduce the loading time of GTA Online by 70 percent.Perhaps one of the biggest problems of GTA Online is loading times.

While many gamers have complained of minute loading times, developer studio GTA Online has yet to take any steps regarding load time. While users were looking for a way to shorten the loading time, a mod developer named T0st managed to reduce the loading time by 70 percent with the optimization code he published on his GitHub account.

As you know, when GTA Online is launched, JSON control is done. In this part, the game tries to load 1,984,531,500 items. Although high-end processors do not encounter any problems during this check, especially mid / low-level processors experience bottlenecks during this process. As such, the amount of time players spend on the loading screen increases.

However, the mod developer named T0st managed to solve this problem in medium / low level processors with the optimization code published on GitHub. In this section, the developer, who stated that the game shortened the loading time by 70 percent, states that he optimized the JSON file. Emphasizing that the game is opened by checking 63,000 items instead of 1,984,531,500, T0st says that thanks to this mode, the loading time of the game is reduced to 50 seconds.


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