GTA V still has a lot of content to release, especially with the arrival of a version dedicated to next-generation consoles.



This game acquired all its popularity thanks to the online mode; however, the great performances of the campaign also gave it a special touch.

Unfortunately, one of the main actors is in a delicate situation, since he was hospitalized after contracting covid-19, and he sent a message to all his fans.

It is likely that the name of Ned Luke does not sound so familiar to you, but this actor was the one who lent his voice to Michael, one of the protagonists of GTA V.

A few days ago, he released sad news through his Instagram account, as he confirmed that he was hospitalized due to covid-19.

This message was accompanied by a photograph and a hopeful message for all his followers, which exceed 334 thousand users.

‘Yesterday (January 16) I was admitted to Emory John’s Creek with covid pneumonia. This shit is real and it’s not funny. I’ll be away for a while, but I’ll be back stronger than ever very soon. ‘

The GTA V actor took the opportunity to send a word of thanks to doctors and nurses, whom he called heroes for staying in the first line of defense.

Ned Luke received messages of encouragement from different personalities, including Shawn Fonteno, who played Franklin in the Rockstar game.

His acting partner wished him a speedy recovery and reminded him that they have work to do.

GTA V still has a long history to show, so we hope that Ned manages to recover as quickly as possible.

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It seems that Rockstar Games will still take a long time to show us something from Grand Theft Auto 6, so take advantage of all the content that will still arrive for the online mode.

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