As it is known, GTA 5 was recently free. We have prepared you an article about the GTA 5 mysteries. There are a total of 5 mysteries in our content titled “GTA 5 Unknown Places”.

There are many confidential information in the production of 3 main characters, which was released 7 years ago. Would you like to discover this popular game that stepped into the game world with its comprehensive story and action-packed missions?

We have examined the universe of GTA 5, which is a guest of many players’ homes through the Epic Games Store. So what are you waiting for? Let’s go to our article if you wish.

Meet these GTA 5 mysteries: GTA 5 unknown places
The term “unknown places” is used both in the sense of places that are not noticed by many people in the game, and are defined as places that contain private information that many people do not detect. In this context, special information in our article and in the production signed by Rockstar Games were evaluated under this title.

So far, we have seen strange and extraordinary events in all of the GTA games. The players’ curiosity towards the mysteries attracted the attention of Rockstar Games, so the players met many unexplained secrets.

There is a proven mystery in this game called “Ghost of Gordo Mountain”. This ghost is different from other GTA secrets. Also known as the “Ghost of Jolene Cranley Evans”, this secret is known as the first (ghostly) true and proven legend officially confirmed in the Grand Theft Auto series.

This ghost appears on Mount Gordo between 23.00 and 00.00. The body of the ghost has a translucent appearance. Jolene has long black hair and is wearing a white dress. His mouth is open and just looking at you. It does not move.

If you start to approach him, the color of the ghost starts to shine, but if you get too close to it, it will disappear. If you go where the ghost stops, you will see a bloody inscription on the floor. It says “Jock” on the floor.

Jock, who is allegedly included in this inscription, is the spouse of this ghost. Because Jolene Cranley Evans is married to John “Jock” Cranley. Cranley is one of the key political figures in the game and a presidential candidate.

This inscription disappears after midnight with the ghost. So what’s the story of this mountain? Jock wanted to be a stunt and was very ambitious, but his wife Jolene didn’t like it. The couple, who made a mountain tour here in 1978, never met again. Because Jock pushed him from the top of the mountain to get rid of his wife. Jolene did not survive this event.

In fact, this event really happened. Rockstar Games brought a game called Mike to kill his girlfriend in the same way on this mountain. This event took place in the USA. If you want, let’s move on to our next mystery.

GTA 5 mysteries: Leatherface / The Infinity Killer
This killer, one of the most famous legends of the Grand Theft Auto series, appeared in the production of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. This killer was added to the game, inspired by real life. The killer himself unfortunately suffered a skin disease in his youth. His face became unrecognizable.

The name of the killer, who appeared in GTA V, is known as “The Infinity Killer”. It is stated that she has been obsessed with the number 8 since childhood. This killer uses the number 8 to draw the infinity sign. The name “The Infinity Killer” comes from here.

His real name is Merle Abrahams. Abrahams, born in 1947, lived in the town of Sandy Shores. The Infinity Killer ended the lives of many. The brutal killer carried out the biggest murder operation in 1999 and killed 8 male athletes. Abrahams died in December 2004 at the age of 57.

This killer has never admitted killing 8 male athletes, but we see the relationship between Abrahams and figure 8 in the details of his home. “8 is only infinity!” article is included. Abrahams were never loved by their neighbors.

We encounter the above piece of newspaper in a dumped house right next to the house where Abrahams lives. According to this piece of newspaper, we learn that he was actually waiting to be tried in court, but died before being tried.

There is much more interesting information on a stony terrain behind this town. When we enter the land, we come across more than 8 numbers. After these figures, a poem welcomes us. 8 people are mentioned in the relevant poem. It includes what some are trying to do before they die. Some people’s personal characteristics were mentioned.

The Infinity Killer: 8 obsess
In this poem it writes that the eighth person will not wait. We understand from here that Abraham will continue to kill people. Some people say that the eighth victim is Abraham himself. After this poem, we come across another poem.

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The meaning of the first sentence of this poem is as follows: “They want me and they can catch me.” We understand from here that the killer is not afraid of the court, trial and jail. In the second line, he writes: “They will not find my people (corpses).”

This sentence was probably written for the cops. Because the cops are known to search for corpses, but Abraham states that with this sentence, he is determined not to show these corpses to the cops. So where are the bodies? We can get the answer to this question thanks to the last sentence: “Although I will leave enough marks where they put me…”

When we combine the second line with the third line, we reach the following sentence: “Even though I leave enough marks where they put me, they want me and they can catch me.” So we learn that the last clue is in the prison where he stayed.

When we look at the wall of the prison named Bolingbroke, we understand that the bodies were under water. Thanks to the image above, we learn where the bodies are: the northwest corner of the island. GTA 5 continues to excite with unknown places.

Exploring the island and the sea of ​​the island is really fun. If you wish, you can use the map showing where one of these bodies is located below. We have also published a photo of the relevant corpse for you.

GTA IV meets GTA V: Niko Bellic
One of the distinguishing features of the GTA series is the references to the past and the future. But do you know that you can meet Niko Bellic in GTA 5? If you don’t know, follow Jimmy, who lives in Michael’s house.

When you see Jimmy in the kitchen, make sure he spends time with a laptop. On this computer, you will find that a website named “Lifeinvader” is open. Because Jimmy is browsing Niko Bellic’s profile!

When we look at this website a little more carefully, we see the city of GTA IV: Liberty City. The vivid images of this pessimist city welcome us. Apart from that, we come across Niko Bellic’s jacket in a bar called “Yellow Jack Inn”. The relevant jacket is located on the left just behind the door. Remember that GTA 5 is filled with unknown places.

Secret mission: Murder of the mysterious Leonora Johnson
This murder, which is among the most popular mysteries of GTA V, makes the player feel like a detective with its story. Leonara Johnson, who wanted to be a popular movie star since childhood, lived in Los Santos.

Johnson was killed in 1975. Unfortunately the killer was not found, but we found that person. In the official police reports, the killer’s name is not written, but thanks to a letter unearthed years later, we can access the killer’s identity: Peter Dreyfuss.

This letter, written by Dreyfuss, was sent to David Richards after the murder. Richards split the letter into 50 pieces and threw it onto the streets. When we find them, the sentences of the murderer with cold blood appear before us. Thus, our adventure about GTA 5 mysteries continues.

You have to make a great effort to find all parts of the letter. It is quite simple to find out if a piece of letter belongs to this killer. If the brightness of a piece of paper you see on the floor increases or decreases, stop there! You’ve found the piece you want.

You can access this entire letter from our gallery. We must visit Peter Dreyfuss to complete this mission called “A Startlet in Vinewood”. We determine the fate of him: to kill or let him escape.

We see Dreyfuss escaping after the intermediate scene is over. If we kill him, the task is completed. If we let him escape, the task will fail.

Killing a GTA character with another GTA character
We came to the last mystery of our article. Rockstar Games kills us a GTA character this time. The murdered person is Johnny Klebitz, whom many players are familiar with. As you know, Klebitz is the main character in the game Grand Auto Theft IV: The Lost and Damned.

Fond of comfort, Johnny Klebitz doesn’t like to take risks. Unfortunately, Klebitz, who moved to the Blaine region, got involved in the trade of drugs and weapons in this region. For this reason, this character, who is constantly emotionally shocked, is mentally ill.

Having a fight with Trevor Philips, one of the 3 main characters of GTA V, Johhny Klebitz first argues with Trevor, but then hugs him, assuming he has made a deal with Trevor. This deal is unfortunately not accepted by Trevor.

Although Trevor also hugged him, the inevitable ending is happening because Trevor activates his killing plan. We’re killing Johnny after a hard fight. Yes, we have come to the end of another article. What are the Mysteries of GTA 5 you identified?


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