Hackers posted 2.3 million Indonesian citizens’ information online. Moreover, those responsible for the attack said that in the future they could publish information from 200 million Indonesians.

The information that appeared in HackRead last month included allegations that one of the country’s e-commerce giants, Tokopedia, was hacked and 92 million customers’ information went on sale on the dark web.

A person who stated that he is now among those who caused this situation, published information on the internet, which he claimed belonged to 2.3 million Indonesian citizens. According to HackRead, the information comes from 2013 and comes from the country’s central election board.

Data of hundreds of thousands on the Internet:
2.36 GB files released by the attacker were divided into different files and the data in them were published in PDF format. This information includes information such as full names, addresses, registration numbers, family card numbers, birth place and date information.

What makes the situation even more frightening for Indonesia is that the hacker, who argues that he is the name behind the attack, also holds the information of more than 200 million people. It is stated that this information will be shared in a hacker forum with voter information.

Leaking the data, the hacker said in his statement that 2.3 million Indonesian citizens decided to share their information and voter data because they thought that Indonesian information was not enough in the hacker forum to date.

The hacker who shares the data may not be the first to obtain them:
A representative explaining the leak explained that the person sharing this data may not be the first to obtain the data. It is stated that the information may have been in circulation for a while in Indonesia forums before it appeared in a large forum.

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